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        We Define the Course of Our Success

        We are New Mexico’s land-grant institution and a comprehensive research university dedicated to teaching, research and service at all levels. Recognized as a top-tier university by U.S. News & World Report, NMSU is a welcoming community of talented faculty, staff and students who are working together to make a difference. As a NASA Space Grant College, a Hispanic-serving institution and home to the first Honors College in New Mexico, NMSU offers an accessible education that shapes bright futures.


        Degree Programs


        Find excellence in any of our degree options. Bachelor's and associates degrees are offered in a number of majors and pre-professional programs.

        Undergraduate Programs ?


        Advance your personal and professional goals at NMSU. Master’s and doctoral degrees are available through many traditional or distance based programs.

        Graduate Programs ?

        Parents & Families

        We understand the key role that family members play in students’ lives and their academic success. Our Aggie Welcome and Family Outreach Office is a support system empowering parents and families with valuable resources.

        Parents & Families ?


        Pursue your passion in a welcoming, diverse campus community. Outstanding undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available.

        International Students ?


        Learn about our flexible degree options that fit your schedule. We offer associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees through different distance education delivery methods.

        NMSU Online ?

        Recent News

        Ryan Ashley

        Research Highlight

        NMSU Animal and Range Sciences professor examines placenta development, dysfunction

        Most expectant mothers know that a placenta is something that forms around fetuses to nourish and protect them. However, what they may not realize is that a placenta is considered an organ that only appears during pregnancy. Ryan Ashley, associate professor of animal science in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, is exploring placental development and ways of preventing placental dysfunction, which leads to pregnancy complications in both humans and livestock.


        University Highlight

        NMSU gathers protective gear, will donate to local hospitals

        As healthcare providers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic face shortages of personal protective equipment, New Mexico State University is pitching in to help local hospitals in Las Cruces. “The Las Cruces health community is in need of N95 respirators or surgical masks, surgical gowns and face shields or goggles,” said Clint Lanier, NMSU assistant professor of English. “Anything we can spare from our research faculty would help.”

        Begin Your Future. Be An Aggie.

        Explore the many exciting opportunities to shape your future at New Mexico State University.

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